Return Policy

How do I get a refund?

Some things just don't work out. Finding your fave decor may take a few tries. This is the reason we developed our 30-day money back guarantee. With this special return policy you can send back your purchase within the indicated timeframe (usually 30 days) to receive a full refund. We want to help you fill your home with favorites, so, keep shopping until you find your FaveDecor.

What is your return process?

To make a return, you must have a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept a return without it.

So, how do I get this magical Return Authorization Number (RA#)?

Well, we're glad you asked. To receive an RA#, you need to contact customer service. You can phone us at (888) 584-5005 or email us at We will walk you through the return process and assign your return an RA#.

What else do I need to know about making a return?

We recommend saving all of the original packaging from your purchase. All you have to do is repack your return in the same condition it was received and prepare it for shipping. Remember, we will not accept returns of previously used, stained or damaged items. However, if your item arrived in a terrible state, i.e., soiled or damaged, or if you received the wrong item, that's a different story. Please follow the instructions for damaged or incorrect items.

"This not what I ordered." or "This arrived in a terrible state."

Even though we make a point to thoroughly check orders before they leave our warehouse, accidents can happen. When you receive your FaveDecor order, if you notice something odd like, let's say, the item is completely wrong or badly damaged, please contact us immediately. We will make all of the necessary arrangements to get your item replaced as quickly as possible. You will be notified when to expect a pick-up and when your replacement has shipped.
Here are a few things that you can do to expedite the process:
-Contact us immediately
-Pack your item in its original packaging
-Have your item ready for pick-up
You will receive notification of when to expect a pick-up

This does not look like what I ordered.

Here's the deal: some things, no matter how well they are photographed, just look different in person. Home decor comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Sometimes those features just appear differently in person than on your monitor. Have no fear, we want you to be completely satisfied with how it looks in your home. You can always exchange your purchase for a new item or return your item for a full refund. Just remember you will be responsible for the shipping charges of the return.

I changed my mind. Do I refuse my delivery?

You can always return an item, even if you change your mind. We just want you to know that if you refuse a delivery because you changed your mind, you will be responsible for the shipping charges (the shipment to your address, which is normally free, and the return shipment). Also, because a package refusal does not follow the return authorization process, it may take a while before you receive your refund.

Can I request a signature upon delivery?

Of course you can. It's important to remember, though, that you must be available to receive the package. After three failed attempts, your item will be sent back to us and you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. Should you miss an attempt, you can call the courier to arrange for a more convenient delivery. After you request a signature on delivery, this request can't be canceled. Keep this in mind when placing your order.

How do I know where to ship my return?

Do not send your returns to our corporate office (the address listed on our site). After we process your return, we will have a special return address to which you will ship your item. The address differs depending on what you are returning and the reason for your return. Please note that we are unable to accept any returns that are not clearly marked with a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and have not been shipped to the proper address.

How much time do I have to return an item?

The return timeframe for each item is listed on the site. Most FaveDecor items have a 30-day refund policy, however there are some items with a shorter timeframe. Just be sure to note the timeframe when ordering. Should a return timeframe not be indicated for an item, then you have 30-days from the time you receive the item to return it for a refund.

How long do I have to ship my return?

After your return has been requested, you will receive a Return Authorization confirmation. You will have 7 days to return your item once that RA# is received.

What is the timeframe for receiving a refund?

You should receive your refund within 7 to 10 business days of our receipt of your authorized return. Please contact us if you still have not received your refund within this timeframe.

I don't see my question here.

Do you still have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at (888) 584-5005 or for more guidance on the return policy.