The Dramatic Appeal of Black Rugs

A black rug functions nicely in any interior decorating style. The reason is simply that a black rug adds depth and drama to a room. Black rugs are available in a variety of fabrics. The textures of the fabric increase the dimension of the drama. For example, a black rug with a velvety texture tend to create a depth of cozy comfort in a bedroom, living room or recreation room. Black is a monochromatic color that makes a style statement in the most dramatic way. Balanced with stark white, black rugs are a great foundation for ultra modern decor. For a more sultry appeal, black rugs do well with varying shades of gray and lavender.

Black Rugs to Create a Fun Recreation Room or Man Cave

The shape of black rugs can also add interest to a recreation room or man cave when paired with animal designs like leopard, zebra or tiger. In this type of room, black sets the scene for the "wild" appeal of animal designs. Choose a rug in black that will become the central focus of the entire room. Black rugs can also become unique wall coverings, depending on the sizes of the rug and the wall. Consider using several rectangular black rugs to cover the walls in a man cave.

Black Rugs in Favorite Shapes

Today's black rugs are available in a variety of shapes like oval, round, kidney, octagon, rectangle and square, to name just a few. A very utilitarian feature of a fireplace is a hearth rug in dramatic black. Area rugs are today's most popular addition to home decor. Choose several black rugs as a finishing touch to any room in the home. Shop online at for top names in rugs in black in a wide variety of fabrics.