The beauty of the brown rug

When discussing rugs, a brown colored rug is often overlooked. These rugs are viewed as simple and pedestrian. However, there is more to a nice brown colored rug than most people give it credit.

Not so Simple Brown Rug

It is a wide misconception that brown is a dreary color. Brown can be low key, but that doesn't mean it always brings the atmosphere of a room down. There are as many shades of brown as there are of any other color on the spectrum. Brown can be matched to many different other colors. A small rug, colored brown can tie the room together in a way that helps all the elements stand out.

Shapes and Texture

The color brown can be used to make a series of beautiful designs in the rug itself. These designs can be anything from a simple circle or the intricate weaving of Celtic style knots. The brown doesn't always have to be the only color in a rug. It can be supported by other colors on the color wheel that reflect the beauty of this deep color. Brown can bring out the texture in an item and show off the intricate work that are a part of many rugs.

A rug for all occasions

A brown rug can be used to keep a floor from feeling cold in the morning. It can be used to decorate rooms that need a little more color. The rug can be used in a dining room to keep the floor from being scratched by chairs and tables. This rug is useful in many ways around a house. A rug is better than a carpet because it isn't permanently attached to the floor. It can be easily cleaned and moved when the mood strikes.