Green Rugs

The color green is associated with soothing and nurturing qualities. As in nature, green can be used in any part of the room, such as walls and floors. This color goes well with a range of elements that form the interior of a home. Green rugs are a great way to make a room feel energizing and at the same time restful. This information provides you with an insight into how to decorate rooms with green rugs. Good room planning with green rugs takes careful thought and creativity because you will need to assess your room and family needs and think about how they be in the future. Consider your current needs and lifestyle and prioritize the various uses of green rugs, but also think about the future uses of the space that constitute the room. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can make green carpeting work well in your design. After you have spent some time imagining your perfect room with green rug, develop a strategy to turn your imagination into reality. For this, arrange the furniture to maximize the space in the room. Make sure to angle pieces and accessories correctly to create divisions if your are using more than one rug. There are no hard and fast rules about how many rugs you should be using with the furniture. Some of the decision is dictated by the type of furniture. If you have a pastel or green colored throws and curtains, it will be easier to incorporate multiple green rugs on the floor. Or, if you want to hide the floor, complete the room by camouflaging the area with a large green rug around the edges. Select wall arts, tables and lamps that blend well with green. Consult your local library for magazines and books about designing room with green rugs.