Why Choose a Plush Rug or Carpet

When a rug or carpet is being made, the weaving process creates loops of the yarn. The yarn has little twist so that the fibers will plump or tuft a bit more after the loops are precisely cut. This makes the pile appear soft and luxurious. A plush rug or carpet provides a pleasant feel underfoot. In fact, since the small tufts are closely spaced, the rug has an excellent cushioning effect even if there is no pad added underneath! This is perfect for homes with toddlers or crawling babies. It is also great for teens and even adults who like to sit on the floor.

Maintenance of Plush Rugs

With regards to maintenance, a plush rug or carpet is specially treated to be resistant to soil and stains. Certain chemicals are added to the fiber surface can repel liquid stains when you spill something as well as soil and dirt that may be tracked in by pets and kids. Stain-resistant carpeting has a wick-away property which means that spills and stains do not remain long enough to attract unwanted bugs and other pests. Stain resistant carpeting looks nicer longer than non-stain resistant carpets and rugs. This can save you money since there is no need to replace a carpet that still looks good.

Benefits of Plush Rugs

A plush rug can be used as an attractive cover-up for an annoying stain on hardwood floors or on existing carpeting. Plush rugs also add warmth to your home in that they can help insulate you home to reduce heating bills. Plus they allow you to have a quick room makeover without the cost of completely re-decorating. And it just feels good when you come home from work, kick off your shoes, and sink your tootsies into the soft plush pile!