Use A Surya Rug To Change Your Home Interior Design

When you want to make small additions to your home design, you need to remember that you make amazing changes if you simply choose to add a surya rug. When you add a rug of this type to your home, you will find that you can add a great deal of style to the space while also inserting a small amount of structure to the space. One rug in each room can help you bring about the right color and shape for each room.

The Shapes

The shapes that you use on your surya rug are going to help evoke the right style in your room. If you have a bedroom that has many angles in it, you may want a rug that has squares and rectangles. If you have a room that features bubbles and circles, you can use a rug that features these shapes.

The Shades

A surya rug often has one color in multiple shades on the same canvas. This allows you to bring about more color in the room without feeling as though you are overdoing it. The shades of the color on the rug will help to make the color more saturated. You will be able to catch a glimpse of that color no matter where you are in the room, and you can help to reinforce your personal style.

The Sizes

These rugs typically come in large rectangles, and they can be used as tapestries if you like. When the artwork is especially compelling to you, you will be able to hang the rug on the wall like it is a piece of art. Smaller rugs can be placed in front of the sink or beneath the chair at your desk. You get to make these choices based on the shapes, shades and sizes of all the rugs.